Sharon Spring Cabin

Eco-Tourism/Family Farm

Kendall Hale and her husband, Steve Norris, moved to Asheville in the early nineties from Boston, MA. Two years later, they purchased an old tobacco farm watered by an underground spring on Sharon Rd. in Fairview. Now called Sharon Spring, the property has been converted into a small family farm. In the growing season, spring, summer and early fall, they feast on organic vegetables, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, mulberries, wild blackberries, and apples; their diet also includes free range beef and organic eggs off the farm. Steve is a beekeeper with a passion to help save the endangered honeybees, so in a good year, he can sell you some of the best honey in Fairview!

For 30 years, Kendall and Steve have heated their home with both wood and sun. In the early 1980’s, Steve built the first passive solar house in Boston’s inner city, so building a second  passive solar home with solar hot water panels was already a family tradition. So was pond swimming.  To make the frogs at Sharon Spring happy, they constructed a pond for the chirpers, their family and friends who also ice skate in winter while the frogs hibernate.


Pull up a chair, and these former city slickers can entertain you for hours with hysterical stories of escaping cows, goats, wandering chickens/guinea hens, and mis-placed honey bees.  If you are an eco-tourist or wannabe, and schedule permits, Steve, with Kendall’s assistance,  is happy to discuss pond construction, pasture maintenance, honeybees, gardening/composting, tree planting, wood stoves or solar heating.   Come soon to see and learn all about it. Beware:  it might change your  life!